Beginning October 1, 2018, new two-year stickers will be going on sale for the years 2019 and 2020. Current stickers expire December 31, 2018. The new stickers will only be sold at the transfer station for cash or check (the board will continue to attempt to find a solution for South Thomaston credit card users). The new stickers will be attached by a facility attendant to the bottom left side of the vehicle’s windshield. This is the practice in many nearby towns.

The transfer station will continue to enforce its policy of “No Sticker, No Dumping”. While inconvenient to some, this policy enables smoother operation of the facility, allows attendants to spend more time helping users and maintaining the facility and prevents the private sale of our stickers to residents of neighboring towns, which has increased as neighboring towns have significantly increased their sticker prices or imposed “pay per throw” policies.

The price of a new sticker is $15. The OHSTT Board thanks fo you for your cooperation with this change. We are also attempting to work out alternatives for vacation/short term residents and landlords.