The South Thomaston Town Office is planning to re-open for customers to come into the office Monday, June 1st. This is subject to change based on any executive orders issued by the Governor between now and then. Obviously, we cannot completely open up the Town Office in the manner we had prior to COVID-19 but we are going to do our best at serving our customers within the current restrictions. Overtime, and following guidelines from the State and Maine CDC, we will transition back to normal although it is anyone’s guess when that will be and what exactly “normal” will look like.

Starting June 1st limited Town Office operations will look like this. Prior to entry into the building you will see a reminder that the Governors order requires the wearing of a face mask. Upon entry you will see that only one of our two windows is open and now has a tempered glass “sneeze guard” with a small opening at the bottom to pass papers back and forth. This new guard is as much for your wellbeing as it is for our employees. There will also be hand sanitizer available for customers and we encourage you to use it upon entry.

If you see we are already serving a customer you will kindly be asked to wait outside until we are done with our current customer. There is a covered entryway outside so you should be dry and shaded as you wait, or you can wait in your car. We apologize for this but the area of which we serve customers is not very large so social distancing of customers is not able to happen inside.

If you see that more than one person leaves the office at the same time it is because they are part of a single “customer group”, meaning they are likely a married couple, a parent with their child or someone who needs to assist a loved one who has additional challenges. We ask that folks respect our single “customer group” requirement and if your business can be handled by a single person, it would be preferred.

You will also notice that there is a barrier preventing you from gaining access to the other areas in the office… like the bathroom. We know that this is not convenient but at this time we simply can’t allow full access of the office to the public. So please make sure to use the bathroom before you come in!

For those folks wishing to meet with our Assessor’s agent or Code Officer/ Plumbing Inspector, there is some chance that you can do so in the entry way but you won’t be allowed to come into the back office for those services. Folks needing their assistance are encouraged to contact the Town Office to schedule a meeting although most of what you might need can be done via email, phone call or by a site visit.

As time passes and new directives are given, we will keep you updated on any relaxing of these restrictions. We look forward to serving you and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.


Team South Thomaston