Dear South Thomaston Residents, Neighbors, and Friends,

On April 14th, the Select Board unanimously approved a landscape design plan for our town Municipal Town Office.  This design, donated by a South Thomaston retired landscape architect, is environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and will greatly enhance our public space for many years to come.

The first phase of the project (happening soon) will be for the foundation area of the building.  The total cost including plant materials, soil preparation, and mulch is estimated to be $2,400.

This project will be a community-based effort with no tax dollars or staff time involved.   We hope you will donate your time, talents, and financial support to help beautify our town offices for the benefit of us all. 


Here are some ways you can chip in:

  1. Donate your time and talents: June 6 the will be our first workday from 8am-noon. We will schedule other workdays if needed depending on donations.  Please volunteer, wear a mask, and bring gloves and your favorite shovel.  You will be able to social distance while helping!
  2. Donate: Your generous donations will make this project a huge success!  Every dollar counts!  Here are some ways to donate:
  3. General donation: $ _____
  4. Gift a Tree:                     $ 250   Total Needed:  1
  5. Gift a Specimen Tree     $ 175   Total Needed:  2
  6. Gift a Large Shrub          $ 75     Total Needed: 10
  7. Gift a Small Shrub          $ 50     Total Needed: 13

Donations may be tax-deductible, so check with your accountant.  Please make your check out to: Town of South Thomaston and note -Town Office Landscape Project in the memo.

The town office address is: 125 Spruce Head Road, PO Box 147, South Thomaston, ME  04858.

Any additional funds received in excess will go towards Phase Two of the project-which includes additional planting areas around the perimeter of the building and a small outdoor patio area for our town employees, ambulance drivers, and fire department staff.

Please contact the Town Office with any questions.