Please Be Advised

Tax Bills were mailed out last Friday, July 31st. We appreciate everyone who has reached out with questions and we are always happy to help make sense of your bill if there is any confusion. Below is a memo from the Select Board explaining where the funding will go and some of the stand out expenses it will pay for. As a reminder, the tax bill sent out by the town represents the approved budgets for the school district (RSU 13), Knox County and the Town of South Thomaston.

July 24, 2020

To: Residents of South Thomaston

Fr: The Selectboard

Subj: 2020 Property Taxes

The Selectboard met on July 22, 2020 to review Town finances and spending obligations and to set the “mil-rate” for 2020. Some key figures from the meeting:

  • Total spending obligations are $5,227,678, consisting of the RSU13 assessment of $3,342,069.78, the Knox County assessment of $300,765.41 and the Town FY2020 budget approved at Town Meeting of $1,584,843.
  • This spending is reduced by a combination of State Revenue Sharing, Homestead Exemption reimbursement, Town revenues and fees and internal financial offsets totaling $1,008,969.
  • The balance of $4,218,709.19 must be raised from property taxes and this results in a “mil-rate” of $15.35 per thousand on valuation. This is an increase of $1.35 or 9.6% over FY2019.

The Board expresses its appreciation to the citizens for wide attendance at Town Meeting, to the Budget Committee for its time, energy and effectiveness in reviewing the proposed budget and to our Department Heads for their efforts to manage their spending in these challenging times. Although both the budget increase and tax rate increase are significant the investments such as Island Road Renovation, the Transfer Station Renovation, Debt Service, the Transition of Street Light Technology the resurfacing of the Tennis Courts and fair, competitive wages to our Town Employees are all necessary and in some cases long overdue.

Regards and Best Wishes for good health and safety as the year progresses.

Walter Reitz, Chair

Jan Gaudio, Member

John Spear, Member


Additionally, the Board has approved a new fee for the Town run “Stump Dump” for demolition debris. There is now going to be a charge for disposal of mattresses. The fee will be $10.00 per mattress. This fee is similar to other facilities around our area and is a reflection of how difficult it is for us to properly dispose of mattresses. We appreciate your compliance with this. Vouchers for mattress disposal can be obtained at the Town Office. You must present a valid voucher for each mattress prior to the waste being accepted by the attendant. For those disposing of mattresses on Saturdays, please plan ahead as the Town Office is not open on that day and you will not be able to get a voucher outside of normal business hours. This fee goes into effect on Aug 7th.


Team South Thomaston