Hello All- recently there have been concerns raised about the scope of the proposed plans for improving Island Road leading to Spruce Head Island. We are doing our best at trying to answer everyone’s questions and will continue to work with the community on ensuring our final product for this project fits with our community. In anticipation of the Thursday October 1st meeting to address this topic, the plans from June 24th of 2020 (the plans that were present at Town Meeting where funding for this project was proposed and approved) are attached below:

 19041_Civil_2 (South)-C2 (6-24-20)                        19041_Civil-1 (North)-C1 (6-24-20)

Trying to manage a robust discussion about this project under COVID conditions is tough. The Town has limited meeting space and resources to ensure all have access to participate under the Executive Orders issued since the pandemic. So we are asking for your help. 

The meeting is scheduled to be held in the Town Office Emergency Bay, which is the largest meeting space in the Town Office. This is also the Bay where all of our first responders, our fire fighters and ambulance crew, go to when someone is having a bad day and needs help. They will always be there for you so we need your help in being there for them.

We ask that anyone who has the capability to participate in the meeting via Zoom please do so. This will limit any potential exposure to our first responders by limiting the number of folks physically present in the Bay. We are working to have a solid set up for remote participation and commit to ensuring all who want to comment will have that opportunity. We are doing our best to have technology that allows all who are remote to hear conversations from the Board and Town staff and for comments/ questions from remote participants to be clearly heard by those physically in attendance.

If you would like to receive the meeting credentials please email the Town Administrator with your request and he will send it to you. He can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 596-6584 during normal business hours. If you are having difficulty with your technology please send him your questions and we’ll do our best at trying to help you set up for this.

All the best,

Team South Thomaston