The South Thomaston Clerk’s Office is offering weekend hours on Saturday, October 24th from 2pm-8pm and Sunday October 25th from 2pm-7pm to conduct in-person absentee voting for the November 3rd election.

Voters have work schedules and various commitments that take them away from home during weekday business hours and some may rely on transportation or childcare only available on the weekend.

Voters may feel their best choice is to vote absentee, but may be unsure about the process after being overwhelmed with information they have received from different organizations through the mail. Having the opportunity to come into the office, being able to talk through any concerns directly with the Clerk, and seeing the process in person can put voters at ease who might otherwise be apprehensive about using this method.

One party at a time will be served in the office on these weekend days with minimal waiting time as the only business to be conducted will be in-person absentee voting. Residents wishing to return absentee ballots in person may also utilize the Ballot Drop Box (located near the front door of the Town Office) which is secure, weatherproof, and emptied regularly by the Clerk.

The Clerk’s Office will also be open the final day available for in-person absentee voting, which is the Friday prior to the election on October 30th, from 1pm-5pm. Again, during these additional hours, the only business that will be conducted is in-person absentee voting.

For questions, please call (207)-596-6584 or email Town Clerk Chelsea Summers at [email protected].

To track the status of your absentee ballot online, please visit:


Thank you so much! 

Chelsea Summers

Assistant Town Administrator

Clerk & Tax Collector