Project drawings: 19041_Civil_2 (South) REV MIN-C2 (10-27-20)                                       19041_Civil-1 (North) REV MIN-C1 (10-27-20)

The Town has received revisions to the Island Road project plans. These revisions are a reflection of concerns and thoughts communicated by the community on previous draft plans for the project. In accordance with the motion approved by the Select Board at their Oct 1st meeting on this topic, neither the Board, Town staff or the engineering firm will be discussing these revisions until all meet again at a public meeting. The Select Board has scheduled a meeting to review and gather input on the revised plans on November 9th, starting at 6:00PM. This meeting will be held remotely. Those wishing to participate are asked to email or call the Town Administrator for Zoom meeting credentials. He can be reached at 596-6584 or by emailing [email protected].

The project area drawings are above and can be downloaded. Below are the engineers notes.


North Section – Village Road Intersection

  • The walkway was eliminated along the top of the riprapped side slope.  As required by roadway design, a standard 4’ wide gravel shoulder was incorporated directly adjacent to the roadway.
  • Impacts along Village Road were further reduced by shortening the impacts.
  • Impacts along Island Road were reduced at both ends as a result of looking closer at the grading necessary to achieve raising the road ±2’.
  • Minimal changes were made to the proposed intersection realignment, primarily due to engineering standards. In summary, a tractor-trailer truck can not exit onto Village Road and head north, nor can a truck heading south on Island Road enter Village Road regardless of the intersection configuration.  As such, the entrance as proposed addresses safety concerns while accommodating all passenger car movements while still allowing trucks to exit Village Road southbound and enter Village Road if they are traveling north in Island Road. Based on public feedback, these were the most common route.

South Section – Lobster Pound

  • Alignment adjustments have been proposed to avoid/minimize impacts to the ledge and avoid impacts to the pond area. The revised centerline radius complies with current engineering design standards while providing nearly 10’ of space between the pond and along the ledge.
  • Revised design minimizes anticipated ledge removal.  Impacts to the ledge may be minimized, but be aware this will not improve the sight distance from the adjacent driveway or oncoming vehicles at the apex of the “s” turn. The minimum stopping sight distance at the current speed limit (35 mph) is 250’, which is achieved in the current design. However, the necessary stopping sight distance increases approximately 50 feet per 5 miles per hour above 35, at speeds of 45mph the necessary stopping sight distance is 360’.
  • The proposed road will be contained within the prescriptive right-of-way.  However, the road will extend beyond the wrought portion and still require an agreement with the abutter. Your attorney should be able to assist with this.
  • Anticipated grading has been adjusted to minimize impacts to the adjacent driveways and reduce the anticipated length of impact along Island Road.
  • Utility pole relocation has been minimized or eliminated.
  • There will be impacts to the Lobster Pound parking area, but we are proposing to lower the grade a few inches in this area to improve access to the building.