The Town of South Thomaston Selectboard plans to appoint members to the Library/Community Center Facility Committee at their regular meeting on Sept 28, 2021.  They are soliciting nominations/volunteers and request names be submitted to the Town Administrator by September 16, 2021.

Please provide contact information, a brief bio and a statement with reasons the nominee/volunteer would be good for this committee.

The overall and long-term mission of this committee is to plan and fundraise for the construction of a new building, consisting of approximately 4,500 square feet to house a Town owned library and community center.

This committee, initially, will have two primary goals: 1. Raise money for the initial designs followed by the funding for the final designs and construction. 2. Work with professionals to create initial designs and cost estimates followed by final design and construction oversight.

The Selectboard intends to appoint members, initially, to two sub-committees to begin both of these two primary tasks.  The Selectboard currently plans to appoint one Committee Chair to serve on both sub-committees.

Nominees/volunteers should indicate which sub-committee they would prefer.  The Selectboard will appoint 4 members to each sub-committee (nine total committee members).  The Selectboard expects this to be a very long-term project and will ask members to stay committed for several years.