The Local Plumbing Inspector (LPI) is responsible for administration and enforcement of all State laws/regulations governing plumbing and related matters, including, but not limited to, Subsurface Wastewater and Internal Plumbing. The LPI serves as Town liaison with the appropriate State and local agencies and as staff to the Planning Board and Board of Appeals. The LPI is appointed by the Select Board of South Thomaston and works closely with the Town’s Code Enforcement Officer. South Thomaston’s LPI is Mo Dube.

Small Community Grant Program- Septic System Remediation- Due Feb 7th, 2020

The Town Office recently because aware of a grant program for remedying malfunctioning septic systems “which directly or indirectly discharge sewage to waterbodies of the State”.  A link to a description of the program and instructions on applying is below. We would encourage any resident who meets the specified criteria to apply for grant funding…

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For individuals or realtors looking for current or historical septic system permits, please first try the State of Maine’s Plumbing Inspectors permit search engine. You will be prompted to enter the town you are searching in (South Thomaston) and the year range that you believe the permit was issued.

Permit search can be found here:

Septic System Permit Search


HHE 200 Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Application can be found here:

HHE 200 Fillable