The Budget Committee is charged with reviewing and providing recommendations on the following items for the Town: annual operating budget, annual capital expenditures, supplemental appropriations, and other recommendations on fiscal matters as the Select Board deems advisable from time to time. The Committee typically meets annually for a series of budget meetings prior to presenting the budget for the Town’s citizens vote at annual Town Meeting in March. The Committee works closely with the Select Board, Town Department Heads and Town Administrator throughout their process. The Committee’s recommendations are advisory in nature, with the ultimate decision on approval/ denial of the budget coming from the citizens of South Thomaston.

To: Citizens of South Thomaston
Fr: The Selectboard
Subj: FY22 Budget
Date: May 4, 2021

Below is an overview of the FY22 budget highlighting some of the more significant department spending figures. As you know  this is an 18 budget  which effects the transition from a calendar based Fiscal Year to a more typical July 1, to June 30 Fiscal Year.  Please direct questions or comments ahead of the Town Meeting directly to the Selectboard or any of its members. The Town Meeting  is scheduled for June 15, 2021 although the venue has not yet been confirmand.

Jan Gaudio
Walter Reitz
John Spear

Budget Overview
FY 2021-22 Municipal 18 Month Budget

Budget Committee Members:

  • Moira Paddock (Committee Chair)
  • Vacancy
  • Robert Baines
  • Vacancy
  • Linda Maltais
  • Beverly St. Clair
  • Sondra Wallace
  • Camille Minikis
  • Kate Greene