Gilford Butler School Futures Committee was a group of seven volunteers appointed by the Select Board of South Thomaston.  The committee met regularly from July 19, 2018 until July of 2019.  Their mission was to openly discuss options for the future of the school property and to identify and present the financial cost, conceptual community benefits, and possible fundraising options for each of these options to the Select Board and the Residents of South Thomaston.  They gathered resident surveys, building condition reports, exploring other area projects, gathering estimates and funding options, and had 2 public input meetings.  Their members were:  Chair:  John Spear, Vice-Chair:  Jeffrey Northgraves, Sandy Weisman, Pennie Alley, Ervin Curtis, Sandy Retzlaff, and Merle Rockwell.  Past members are Chief Bryan Calderwood and Eileen Skarka. The Town greatly appreciated the hard work by these folks.

The Gilford Butler Futures Committee worked hard to solicit input from the community so that they could offer thoughtful recommendations to the Select Board. Their report final covers the ideas they considered, work they did, process they followed, recommendations to the Select Board and much more.

The Final Report can be found here:

Gilford Butler Committee Final Report

A Cost Comparison of New Construction vs Renovation can be found here:

Cost Financing Comparison GBFS

John Hansen Architectural Reports 

Gilford Butler School Alternatives Final

Gilford Butler School Structural Analysis

GBS Structure Analysis