Individuals looking to locate a septic permit can search online


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Septic System Permit Online Search Tool Helpful Tips
1. All towns are listed as the Minor Civil Division. Be sure to use that in your search instead of a common place name such as Kezar Falls or East Pittston.
2. Broaden your search to include several years before and after the year you believe the septic was installed. For example, if a permit was issued in 1999 and the town sent it to the State in 2000, it may be listed with the year 2000 files. Or, if a new home was constructed in 2000, the septic permit may have been filed in 1999.
3. If you don’t see the property under the street number, try looking further down under just the street name. The name may also start with the name “off of” a more prominent road. The sort order is numbers first, then letters.
Also, it is possible that it is filed under a different street name. Systems designed and installed prior to E-911 addressing often had different names, especially along lakes and ponds where roads historically were referred to as Fire Road #.
4. Permit records prior to 2004 are stored on microfiche. The Department is currently working to convert them to electronic format and will include older permit files in this online search as they become available. If the permit you are looking for is older than the files available online, you will need to submit a Record Search Form.