Help Wanted

South Thomaston’s representative position on the RSU13 School Board has been vacant since April of this year. During this time Ashpoint School 5th graders have moved to the Middle School; Middle Schoolers have moved onto the High School and High School graduates are off to further education or jobs. Also, during this time an RSU13 budget was passed resulting in an assessment to South Thomaston taxpayers of $3,103,244.64. Education is expensive, the benefits accrue to all and complacency is a risk to all.

What comes with the job? The RSU’s “School Board Powers and Responsibilities” policy states, “The Board shall concern itself primarily with broad questions of policy rather than with administrative details.” The School Board enacts policies, hires the Superintendent, prescribes minimum educational standards, approved budgets and much more. Specific to the South Thomaston School Board member, they are one of three committee members that select awardees for the Town’s Hopkins and Rackliff Educational Scholarships, which are awarded annually.

If you are interested in a commitment to serve your community, to impact the lives and future of our children and contribute to a balanced approach between investment and affordability, the Selectboard asks that you contact the Town Administrator to arrange a meeting with the Board. The Administrator can be reached at [email protected] or by calling the Town Office at 207-596-6584.

Thanks, you in advance for your time and interest.

Walter Reitz, Chair

Cheryl Waterman, Member, Selectboard

Jan Gaudio, Member, Selectboard