Hello All- Due to the continued spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the confirmation of a case in Knox County, the Town will be implementing the following precautions at our municipal facilities.

Town Office- We will no longer be allowing those doing business at the Town Office to enter the building. We ask that if your business is NON- ESSENTIAL in nature, that you hold off until this public health concern is minimized. If your business is essential, all transactions will take place through the exterior window next to the front entrance. We are working to increase our online capabilities and will publicly notice when vehicles and boats can be registered electronically. The Sheriffs Department is temporarily relaxing their requirements on current vehicle registration due to limitations of Town Offices.

Town  Library- The Library is closed until further notice.

Stump Dump- The Stump Dump will continue to be open during its normal business hours. Unless we receive official directions from public health officers, you will not be asked to state your recent travel history to gain access to the facility. You will be asked to take care of our own debris and the attendant has been instructed to keep a safe distance from patrons. Although Stump Dump vouchers for contractors are non-essential business activities, we will have a process in place for contractors to purchase (electronically) vouchers by start of business at the Stump Dump on Wednesday.

Our Fire Department and Ambulance service will continue to function as normal. To state the obvious, if you need them in an emergency situation they will be there but please apply your best judgement on requesting these services as their calls increase potential exposure for the general community.

We greatly appreciate your understanding of the situation we are all facing and hope that we all do our best to limit any potential spread of these germs.


Team South Thomaston