Good Sunday afternoon all,
Please note that our meeting is being held on Wednesday Night one last time due to scheduling conflicts. Also note, right after calling the meeting to order, I will be covering a new procedure on how the meetings will be conducted.
These changes are as follows
1. Guest will wait to be recognized by the Chair who ever he or she maybe before speaking. Any comments or remarks shouted out off the floor will no longer be tolerated.
2. once an individual has been recognized by the chair, That person will come forward to the podium and give their name and legal residents before addressing the board..
3. Once the Chair feels it is time to move on, all discussion will cease, and the board will move on to other business.
4. Failure to adhere to the rules could result in removal from the meeting.
The Chair of the meeting (he or she) has the final decision.
Have a Great week.
Bruce E Colson. Chairman